Mayo Clinic Think Big Challenge: A Start-up Pitch with a Twist


We have the technology, we just need the accelerate. And we’re hoping you can provide it.

The 2016 Think Big Challenge is a pitch competition with a twist. This year one business or entrepreneur will be awarded the opportunity to license Mayo Clinic technology, lead a team and score a $50,000 cash prize.

We haven’t verified this with a comprehensive lit review, but our friends our telling us this may be one of the most unique pitch events of 2016. As Jason Grill over at the Huffington Post put it, “So wait a second, the Mayo Clinic is saying here is our technology we have developed and we want you to scale it with our help?”

That’s right. The Center for Innovation and Mayo Clinic Ventures are inviting you, the connected entrepreneurs, innovators, and change-makers of the world, to play a role in accelerating discoveries from the Mayo Clinic practice into real-world health care solutions.


Apply here by August 15 to pitch your strategy for taking one of these Mayo Clinic technologies to market:

* Business Enhancement Analytics Tool (BEAT)

* TGR5-Targeted Therapies for Cholangiopathies

* Bedside Patient Rescue

* A Simple Device and Method for Measuring Ocular Counter Roll


The confidential selection process will be led by venture capitalists, successful entrepreneurs, technical experts, and members of Mayo Clinic Center for Innovation and Mayo Clinic Ventures.

Five finalists will compete at the Mayo Clinic Transform conference, September 14-16, in Rochester, Minnesota, before an expert panel of venture capitalists and a live Transform audience. The winner will be the Mayo Clinic Think Big Challenge Entrepreneur in Residence.