The Future of Health    Guest Post Written By Dr. Pritpal S Tamber There was a moment, when I was sitting stage-side at TEDMED 2013, when I saw the future of health. It wasn’t bright, it wasn’t full of answers; it was complex, plural and a constant struggle. And yet it was full of collegiality, hope and respect. Three talks in particular, truly unravelled me. Sally Okun laid bare how clinicians and patients have completely different ways to describe their illnesses, essentially limiting how much we understand of each other. America Bracho shared how she used members of the community to help decide and shape what health messages to deliver with the local Latino community. Lastly, Sue-Desmond Hellman shrugged and said it was patients who’d decide what innovation is and that the medical profession and industry needed to let them in and accept the messiness of the creative process.