Your Environment, Your Health   When the snow starts melting and temperatures turn above freezing here in Minnesota, everyone becomes happier. There's an almost tangible change in everyone's attitude that is powerful. If the changing of the season can have this profound effect on people's well-being, how much of an effect can the environment of a clinical setting have on someone's recovery? This very question was the impetus for what Transform Presenter Susan Mazer, Ph.D., took to create the C.A.R.E. Channel and her Healing Healthcare Systems business. For Dr. Mazer, the environment of the patient's room is critical to not only patient recovery, but also the clinical staff's well-being. In her own personal experience it became evident how the noises around the hospital, the lack of windows and layout of her room all affected her and the staff as they interacted. We connected with Dr. Mazer on Skype to talk with her more about the Patient Experience, and how creating an environment that helped establish a human connection to the patient is beneficial to everyone. Listen to the full conversation after the break!
OpenIDEO_UMR_BlogPost   Guest Post Written By: Katie Nelson OpenIDEO is a global platform that partners with organizations who wish to address a specific problem. Together, they propose a challenge that becomes open for all creative thinkers to weigh in on. How it works: Once a challenge question is posted, individuals are able to share their ideas and experiences. Favorite concepts are then chosen by the sponsoring organization, and the ideas are continually narrowed down until the winning concepts are chosen at the end of the challenge. With hopes of learning about some potential solutions for a challenge Mayo Clinic is no stranger to; they opted to sponsor a challenge back in June: The Healthy Aging Challenge. Mayo Clinic challenged people to come up with ideas to answer the following question: “How might we all maintain wellbeing and thrive as we age?” This topic was chosen because as the years go on, the number of people reaching the age of 65 and older will continue to skyrocket. So, it is crucial to think about the factors that affect people as they age.