Bogenschutz writerGuest post by University of Minnesota, Rochester senior student, Lada Bogenschutz     Andrew Zolli"Heart disease is the number one killer in America, yet we do not have a war on cheeseburgers,” says Andrew Zolli. As a researcher in foresight, social innovation, and resilience at the organization Poptech, Zolli collaborates within a team to approach some of the world’s most significant public health challenges.  Within his presentation, he explains how cognitive bias affects widely spreading health issues, and mentions a number of new interventions that can fuel change. Oftentimes, Americans ineffectively prioritize healthcare risks. Zolli shows how we inaccurately manage health care problems in a couple ways. First, people wrongly focus on fast-moving risks. “Fast moving trends get all the attention, but slow moving trends have all the power,” is how Zolli fairly puts it. So, the slower-paced health risks create a higher level of burden, but get a lower level of attention.