Saving the world one design at a time     After reading former CFI Fellow Samantha Dempsey's article in Scientific America, "How Design Can Improve Health Care for Everyone," we knew we had to connect on Skype and pick her brain! Samantha brings great insight into the worlds between design and health care, working as an Experience Designer for Mad*Pow. She brought some incredible thoughts to the conversation, and we hope you enjoy listening after the break.  
  My Gift of Grace   Common Practice is a platform of products and services developed by The Action Mill, a design and innovation firm focused on improving end of life communication and decision-making. We connected with Lead Designer, Nick Jehlen, to discuss the game, My Gift of Grace, and how this leads to family and strangers alike to start having the conversations around core values and end of life decisions. Listen to our conversation after the break!  
  Jintronix   With our second installment of our Techstars ++ interviews, we sat down with Jintronix, a telerehabilitation based company that utilizes the Microsoft Kinect, and custom coding, to create a way for patients to engage in their Physical Rehabilitation in their living rooms. Jintronix combines evidence-based treatments, virtual games, and motion tracking sensors to offer a fun and effective tool for physical rehabilitation. We learned a lot in this interview, and hope you enjoy it after the break!  
  Colin Hung     Colin Hung is a seasoned health care IT professional with over 20 years in software and information technology. But his passions don't stop there, and he is joined  by two other professionals, Joseph Babaian and Bernadette Keefe, in moderating the weekly twitter chat #HCLDR. Twitter has become a powerful tool for patients and providers alike, and has brought together both sides of the aisle through chats like #hcsmca and #HITsm. We were excited to sit down with Colin to chat HIMSS and Twitter, and you can hear the whole chat after the break!
  Is the way we are working actually working?   I (AJ) met Pritpal S Tamber in 2013 here at the Center for Innovation and was quickly impressed with his insights into health care and his work for transformative change in how we approach innovation within health care. So when we started looking for people who are powering health from many non-traditional ways, his name immediately came to mind. Pritpal S Tamber is the Founder of the Creating Health Collaborative, was the Physician Editor of TEDMED 2013, and has more experience with various foundations and organizations (which we talk about in the podcast) to list here. I am so excited to introduce you to Pritpal S Tamber, and his work through our chat over Skype. Check out his website to read more on his thoughts on health care and innovation, and follow him on Twitter too! Enjoy the podcast after the break.  
  Doctor as Designer   When Joyce Lee, M.D., M.P.H., took her sabbatical at Stanford, she discovered design and design thinking and her whole approach to life was turned upside-down. And she has never been more excited. When you see the transformation that just her office took (check out her blog here) into become a collaborative space, or how she approaches life with her two children and family, it's evident that design thinking has radically transformed her work and life for the better. We were able to catch Dr. Lee during her busy schedule to connect online and have an amazing conversation about design thinking in health care, patients as part of the collaborative process, and how design enables people to power their own health. Catch the whole conversation after the break!
  Connecting the dots in healthcare social media   Social media in healthcare has, and continues to, radically transform the industry by making old boundaries disappear and connecting people who previously could have never connected before. When Twitter was in it's infancy, Audun Utengen (former Transform presenter) and some friends started to see the potential in utilizing this communication tool, and started cataloging conversations that were taking place by specific hashtags throughout the Twitter sphere. With over 6,000 health-related hashtags now being tracked and searchable, Symplur has become an invaluable resource to connect patients and providers around the world in ways previously unseen. Twitter chats with patients connecting over rare diseases, Journal clubs for providers to learn together, conversations from every area of the globe are put together and saved on Symplur's platform that is free to explore. But don't take our word for it, listen to our conversation with Audun after the break.