Kay-Eron-Mobility   A Q&A With Dr. Mark Blatt by Kay Eron   Mobile technology and its potential impact on healthcare is a hot topic, and for good reason. With new sensors, medical devices and end-to-end solutions constantly being unveiled as the “next big thing,” the growing focus on technology is understandable. While mobile technology is key to improving anytime, anywhere access to care and reducing costs, personalized care, better patient outcomes and a new model of care will always rely on a personal and collaborative relationship between doctor and patient. Recently, I sat down with Dr. Mark Blatt, a family physician and early adopter of technology prior to becoming Intel’s Worldwide Medical Director, to get his unique perspective on mobile device innovation, the patient-doctor experience and the potential impact on a new model of care.
  HIMSS 2015 Round Table Day 1   We connected with Dr. Mark Blatt, Medical Director of Intel, Chris Tackett, Marketing Manager of Intel, and Jason Slusarchuk of Hootsuite, to wrap up our first day at HIMSS 2015. We talk about the good, the bad, and the in-between. Listen to the talk after the break!