Post written by Pritpal S Tamber     Over the last two-and-a-half months we published a series on Stanford Social Innovation Review (SSIR) that explored what it would mean for communities to be involved in the design, implementation, and evaluation of health interventions....

  5 Telltale signs the doctor-patient relationship needs marriage counceling   Post written by Casey Quinlan   The healthcare system is all about building patient engagement lately.Which makes me ask: if we get to engagement, will we ever get married? And if we do … will we wind up needing marriage counseling? Short answer: we already need marriage counseling, and we’re not even officially engaged yet. Herewith is the evidence that the doctor (and health system)-patient relationship needs marriage counseling, adapted from a post on by life & relationship coach Debra Smouse.
  What does it take to do the obvious?   Post written by Susan Mazer, Ph.D.   So much research, and so little traction!  That is what’s been happening with strong data supporting the effective use of music with people with dementia. There is even research that points to the characteristics that music must have to help mitigate anxiety and stress for people with dementia, as well as patients in hospitals.  And, yet, it is still considered an exception to usual and customary care.

What does it take to do the obvious?