Socially making change happen   After meeting Jennifer Dennard at HIMSS 2015, and being introduced to the HISTalk community for the first time, it was imperative to follow up and learn more about the world of Healthcare IT and the advocates working on bringing innovation and disruption to that space of Healthcare.   Listen to the conversation after the break!  
  Sharing Health Information   Post by Nancy Cappello, Ph.D.   Year after year, since I turned 40, I went for my mammography screening. Despite no family history of breast cancer and no known risk factors, my rigorous attention to the established breast screening protocol was my guarantee, in the unlikely event that I was diagnosed with breast cancer, it would be found at an early stage. It was a cold, dreary, snowy evening in 2004 when my breast surgeon disclosed the biopsy results from the ridge that was felt by my gynecologist within six weeks of my 11th normal mammography report. Dazed by her report, "You have invasive breast cancer," a fog immediately engulfed my mind that did not dissipate for months.
    HIMSS Roundtable Day 2  

Day 2 done at HIMSS 2015 and we were joined around the table by Matthew Taylor of Intel's Internet of Things division, and Marnie Meylor and Paul Nordlund from the Mayo Clinic Center for Innovation to talk again about the good, the bad, and the unseen at HIMSS 2015. Enjoy the talk after the break!

  HIMSS 2015 Round Table Day 1   We connected with Dr. Mark Blatt, Medical Director of Intel, Chris Tackett, Marketing Manager of Intel, and Jason Slusarchuk of Hootsuite, to wrap up our first day at HIMSS 2015. We talk about the good, the bad, and the in-between. Listen to the talk after the break!