Renegade     Over this weekend I (AJ) was listening to a mix of some of my favorite tunes from the college days, and the song "Renegades of Funk" popped on. This is one of those songs that always gets me really pumped up to face the day's challenges and keep working on positive disruption.
  A-Step-Ahead     Mike Tinney is the Founder and CEO of FIX: Fitness Interactive Experience, which is dedicated to making fitness fun, accessible and hyper-socially connected through an interactive social media platform centered around making the pursuit of fitness an enjoyable and engaging game. We stopped by their booth at Hx360 when we saw their "A Step Ahead: Zombies" game, and had to find out more! Listen to the podcast after the break:  
  Steven Incontrera     Steven Incontrera is the Senior Manager of Engagement and Advertising at Next Wave Connect, a social collaboration network for health care workers. With a long career with social media and health care, we connected with Steven and chatted how the worlds of social media, collaboration, and health IT are colliding. Listen to the great conversation after the break!  
  Rob Begg Podcast     Rob Begg is currently the VP of Enterprise Strategy for Hootsuite, and is a proven marketing leader and success with technology and media companies. He is experienced in both B2C and B2B, having worked in many IT settings and sales related businesses. We connected with Rob at HIMSS 2015, and learned some great insights on the power of social media. Check out the podcast after the break!  
  Colin Hung     Colin Hung is a seasoned health care IT professional with over 20 years in software and information technology. But his passions don't stop there, and he is joined  by two other professionals, Joseph Babaian and Bernadette Keefe, in moderating the weekly twitter chat #HCLDR. Twitter has become a powerful tool for patients and providers alike, and has brought together both sides of the aisle through chats like #hcsmca and #HITsm. We were excited to sit down with Colin to chat HIMSS and Twitter, and you can hear the whole chat after the break!
  Regina-Holliday-Podcast-Post   Regina Holliday is an unstoppable force for good. An activist, artist, speaker an author, she has become an advocate for patients and their stories, as well as a local tour de force in her community. Some people have even called her the Rosa Parks of Health Care. You might see her at a health conference, like we were able to at HIMSS, painting what she hears from the patient view. She is part the movement known as participatory medicine. She and others in this movement believe that the patient is a partner with their provider and both should work together as a team. She also began an advocacy movement called “The Walking Gallery,” which consists of medical providers and advocates who wear their patient story paintings on the backs of business suits. Paint and patients, pills and policy all come together within The Walking Gallery of Healthcare. This "walking wall" of 330+ individuals who wear personal patient narrative paintings on their backs is changing minds and opening hearts. They are attending medical conferences where often there is not a patient speaker on the dais or in the audience. They are providing a patient voice, and by doing so, are changing the conversation. We were so excited to sit down and chat with Regina at HIMSS this year, and catch the whole podcast after the break!
  Innovation Through Collaboration   Dr. Michael Docktor is a practicing gastroenterologist at Boston Children’s Hospital with a research and clinical interest in inflammatory bowel disease. He works to use technology and design thinking as a way to improve patient care and experience. As the Director of Clinical Innovation, he also helps their innovation team build internal apps within Boston Children's and is working to bring outside technologies into the organization. Named one of MedTech Boston's "40 under 40 in Healthcare", Michael is passionate about technology and the startup ecosystem both within and outside of healthcare. He co-founded and leads Hacking Pediatrics, a group whose mission is to bring together talented innovators from diverse areas of expertise such as medicine, technology and business to build solutions for children and their families through hackathons. We connected with Dr. Docktor while at HIMSS 2015, and had a fantastic chat with him. Listen to the podcast after the break!
Do Something That Scares You     Like in the blog post from Ron Amodeo, we find that innovation can be found when we find ourselves well outside of our comfort zone. Make a challenge to yourself this week to do something every day that scares you. Introduce yourself to a stranger, learn something new that is out of your every day life, or whatever will take you out of your comfort zone. See what happens! *** Full disclaimer, don't do stupid or dangerous activities that can harm you or someone else. Record a podcast. Take a picture. Write a short story. Try something new every day that isn't part of your normal routine.  
  Is the way we are working actually working?   I (AJ) met Pritpal S Tamber in 2013 here at the Center for Innovation and was quickly impressed with his insights into health care and his work for transformative change in how we approach innovation within health care. So when we started looking for people who are powering health from many non-traditional ways, his name immediately came to mind. Pritpal S Tamber is the Founder of the Creating Health Collaborative, was the Physician Editor of TEDMED 2013, and has more experience with various foundations and organizations (which we talk about in the podcast) to list here. I am so excited to introduce you to Pritpal S Tamber, and his work through our chat over Skype. Check out his website to read more on his thoughts on health care and innovation, and follow him on Twitter too! Enjoy the podcast after the break.