Post Written by Sumi Hansen   Can you imagine a Smart Operating Room that assists hospital staff by mapping out equipment placement on an illuminated floor? Or an Operating Table Platform that snaps into multiple configurations? Or a Smart Wall that displays...

    Thinking-With-Your-Hands-Blog-Post   Post written by Ronald Amodeo  
"I saw an angel in the marble and carved until I set him free." -- Michelangelo
  Organizations are repositories of knowledge encased in rock. Liberating them can be a maddening pursuit. The lessons learned, the experiences, the advice and opinions -- all are hidden or forgotten in the minds of your colleagues. Nothing so strategically critical seems so dauntingly inaccessible. What's worse is that even when you think that knowledge is within reach, those holding it seem unable to articulate it. "We don't know what we know" is the agonizing phrase that accompanies this reality.

Post written by Nithya Chandiramani The intersection of inspiration, innovation, and good intention sparked the creation of the novel iBeatPain app. The perceptive visionaries behind this app included Dr. Tracy Harrison (MD), a pediatric anesthesiologist, and Dr. Jennifer Fisher (Ph.D, L.P), a pediatric...

  Fitsi Health   The idea for Fitsi is simply to give patients more. They not only made it easy for patients to clean their hands but also gave them a place to store their phones, glasses and access to comfort items like lip balm and moisturizer. It is a product designed to help patients feel more independent but also save nurses time. The opportunities for improving the patient experience are vast. Just ask any doctor or nurse and he/she will tell you several improvements that could be made. This experience has taught the team at Fitsi that some of the best ideas for new healthcare products come from empowering those on the frontlines. It is a lot of work but belief that better design means better care, and makes everyone excited to be making a real impact in patients lives. The opportunities are endless, and listen to the whole conversation after the break!  
  The CoDesign Dilema   Post written by Josina Vink   “Is this the beginning or the end of design?” asks Helen Kerr of Kerr Smith Design at a Toronto Offsite Design Festival event last January.  The question arose in response to the emerging notion that everyone is now a designer. It has been haunting me ever since. The debate over co-design has been brewing within design communities for years.  Co-design is trendy, but is it effective?  Is it a façade or the next frontier? What value does it bring to solving our most complex challenges in health care?
  Owlet Blog Post   In our third, and last installment of this round of Techstars ++ companies, we sat down with the team from Owlet. Owlet is a sock that your newborn wears that monitors their heart rate and oxygen levels. The sock will alert you if your baby's heart rate and oxygen levels are outside the norm. The conversation was fantastic, and as most parents will agree, this is a step in a great direction! Check out the podcast after the break!  
  Jintronix   With our second installment of our Techstars ++ interviews, we sat down with Jintronix, a telerehabilitation based company that utilizes the Microsoft Kinect, and custom coding, to create a way for patients to engage in their Physical Rehabilitation in their living rooms. Jintronix combines evidence-based treatments, virtual games, and motion tracking sensors to offer a fun and effective tool for physical rehabilitation. We learned a lot in this interview, and hope you enjoy it after the break!  
  How do you change culture?   We often recognize health and health care as an individual activity, but where do we fit inside our communities, and how can that help change our health? That's the question Andres Marquez-Lara asked when beginning his journey to building Promethean Community, and we sat down with him over Skype to learn more. Promethean Community harnesses the power of performing arts to support communities in catalyzing innovative, engaging, sustainable solutions to the challenges they face, and to build a more connected world where communities use performing arts and collaborate with the local creative talent to efficiently affect positive social change. Listen to the conversation after the break!  
    Telespine   With the Techstars ++ visiting team of startups are visiting Mayo Clinic, we sat down with each one to talk more about their business, and their work. We first sat down with Telespine, an online system of back care developed to help people with Low Back Pain. Telespine is a proven, online 8-week program for lower back pain. It’s easy to do and based on over 100 clinical studies that show you can have near term and lasting relief from your pain by spending just 10 minutes a day with Telespine. Listen to the whole conversation after the break!
  WellCar     We connected over Skype with Gregory Thomas, professor at the Center for Design Research at the University of Kansas, who has led a multi-disciplinary team of students to bring together a mobile diagnostic care tool on wheels reaching those who need it most. Listen to the whole conversation after the break: