How do you change culture?

Post originally featured on Pritpal Tamber's website.

It’s our lifestyles that are the problem. Our habits are making us sick. Our cultural norms are fueling the rise in chronic conditions. The solution is simple: we have to change our culture. We've all heard versions of this message but its alleged simplicity is also its absurdity. What is culture? Where does it come from? And how does it change? I've heard it said that our culture resides in the stories we tell. Although I can understand that, I have always struggled to see it as a target for intervention. And yet, if culture really is at the heart of what’s making us sick, we have no choice but to explore it as an option. The question is, how?

Moderator John Hockenberry started off Monday of Transform 2011, as well as the first session of the day, Designing Solutions, by telling those in attendance to toss out conventional wisdom and all the rulebooks that say how things are supposed...