Information Overload and Healthcare's Direction   One of the best tools we can be using today to understand health care and the patient experience better is our connectedness through social media. Each week, a group of passionate thinkers, innovators, leaders, and change-makers get together for the #HCLDR chat. One of the founding members of the HCLDR movement, Colin Hung, recapped this last week's chat with a Storify release, highlighting the best tweets and comments in one easy to read format. We hope you enjoy it, and learn something new as well!  
  Colin Hung     Colin Hung is a seasoned health care IT professional with over 20 years in software and information technology. But his passions don't stop there, and he is joined ┬áby two other professionals, Joseph Babaian and Bernadette Keefe, in moderating the weekly twitter chat #HCLDR. Twitter has become a powerful tool for patients and providers alike, and has brought together both sides of the aisle through chats like #hcsmca and #HITsm. We were excited to sit down with Colin to chat HIMSS and Twitter, and you can hear the whole chat after the break!