For most couples going through their first pregnancy your world is full of questions, doubts, second guesses, and a lot of trepidation in expectation of the first birth. Many of us have been there. Anything that can help relieve some of the worry is welcomed with open arms, and for the founder of Bloom Life, his experience led to the creation of Belli. Listen in after the break on his story and what drives him to innovate in the health care ecosystem.
  BarnRaise-B-log-Header     Access to quality healthcare is a universal issue. In Chicago, proper healthcare services are still inaccessible to many people. At BarnRaise this year healthcare practitioners, designers, health care administrators, graduate students, and beyond are invited to participate together reexamining the patient user journey in the access to care space with this timely conversation and co-creation of human-centered opportunities for impact. We chat with the co-directors of BarnRaise, Ellie Eberts and Jenni Schneiderman about their experience in design and health care, and what awaits us at BarnRaise this year. Listen to the great chat after the break:  
  My Gift of Grace   Common Practice is a platform of products and services developed by The Action Mill, a design and innovation firm focused on improving end of life communication and decision-making. We connected with Lead Designer, Nick Jehlen, to discuss the game, My Gift of Grace, and how this leads to family and strangers alike to start having the conversations around core values and end of life decisions. Listen to our conversation after the break!  

At this year's Transform symposium, FOX 9 medical expert Dr. Archelle Georgiou both attended and spoke about her work. In America, "care" has a strict definition, Dr. Georgiou says. Regulated facilities, strict guidelines and what qualifies as care is what your...