BirhtControlApp With increasing numbers of birth control options with differing benefits, side effects and recommendations, choosing the ideal birth control method can be overwhelming. How does an IUD work? Is it safe? How long does the implant last and what side-effects does it have? Can I continue to use the pill after 35?  What can I use if I have migraines or have had a blood clot? The Mayo Clinic About Birth Control App, can help answer these questions and more! Launched Thursday, September 26th, the new app allows the user to select an ideal contraceptive method or methods based own her individual medical situation, reproductive plans and prior experience with contraception aiding in the decision making process. Several methods can be compared side by side and up to date content from Mayo Clinic contraception experts answers most questions about birth control and helps focus questions for the users. Graphics and animations are embedded in the app illustrating how various birth control methods are started and used. The app is ideal for use by health care providers while counseling patients, and also for consumers and patients to use to prepare for discussions with their care provider.