OpenIdeoBlogPostRealisation The following post was written by Ashley Jablow on the OpenIDEO website.   In our Healthy Ageing Challenge, OpenIDEO community members from across the globe came together to explore what health, wellbeing and ageing mean to them. Sharing over 300 inspirations and collaboratively designing 134 ideas, our community gravitated toward solutions that nurtured intergenerational and peer-to-peer relationships, celebrated and incentivised active lifestyles, cared for our caregivers, empowered people to plan for their futures and designed environments for thriving at every age. In the end, six winning ideas were chosen by the community, our challenge sponsor Mayo Clinic and OpenIDEO. While the challenge ended in late August, our momentum has continued to build since then. In September, Mayo Clinic's Center for Innovation hosted the 2013 Transform Symposium, a three-day, multi-disciplinary convening around health, innovation and design. Mayo Clinic, feeling inspired by our challenge and our community's efforts, decided to extend a last-minute invitation to OpenIDEO community members T. Annie Nguyen and Sylvia Stein to present their winning ideas during a 60-person workshop. Facilitated by IDEO's Gretchen Addi, the workshop was attended by a range of healthcare professionals, architects, designers and journalists, and served as a great chance for Annie and Sylvia to get feedback on their ideas.