Elliot Wortham

As a recent graduate of the University of Minnesota Master of Healthcare Administration program, I am interested in improving the experience and quality of healthcare in a cost-efficient way.

My background in healthcare, a brief stint at culinary school, and love of the arts - particularly photography – encourage me to think creatively about how to improve healthcare delivery.

In a search to find meaning, balance, and purpose in my life, I knew that I wanted to integrate the innovative processes found in the arts into my work in health administration. My passion is to use concepts from the arts, such as developing and testing new ideas, to improve the experience and delivery of health and healthcare.

In order to pursue this passion more fully, I have had internships at the Mayo Clinic Center for Innovation and UnitedHealthcare's Design Studio. During my Administrative Fellowship at the Cleveland Clinic, I hope to continue my work at the intersection of healthcare design and delivery.