PlaceMakers | A Block Party for the Future of Rochester, MN Transform 2016 Highlights Urban Prototyping

Attending Transform 2016? Coinciding with the conference, an urban prototyping festival will be kicking off Thursday, September 15, just a few blocks away from the conference. The inaugural Placemakers: Prototyping Festival facilitated by Destination Medical Center, Rochester Downtown Alliance, and the Rochester Art Center will feature sixteen prototyping teams re-imagining the city of Rochester around the prompt of “Health and the Built Environment.”

Prototypes like Recharging Stormwater and S.W.A.M.P. will explore solutions to inner-city storm water runoff. Info Alley and Living Wall will turn the blank canvases of building facades into landmarks of engagement. Kids on the Block, a prototype created in partnership with the Rochester Children’s Museum, speaks to the theme of Transform 2016, Make Change Possible, by empowering children with the skills, tools and confidence to redefine their city.

We should also briefly note that five team members from the Mayo Clinic Center for Innovation are involved with a prototype: a lighting installation that will include the community in individual health events, such as births and organ transplants, happening within the walls of the city’s health and health care institutions. For more on this you will have to find us on Rochester’s Historic 3rd St., Thursday evening, after Hockenberry gives the high sign.