National #HCSMCA Symposium

Post Written By Guest Blogger, Kathy Kastner

Mayo’s Lee Aase, MedicineX’s Larry Chu, #hcldr’s Colin Hung amd Rare Disease Foundation Isabel Jordan shared a panel at a National Symposium moderated by Health Care Social Media Canada (#hcsmca) founder Colleen Young


As a Mayo guest blogger, a MedicineX ePatient Scholar alumni (’13) an early Health Care Social Media Canada (#hcsmca) and Healthcare Leader (#hcldr) chatter I was tickled to be selected as an ePatient for the February 24 Symposium.

The tweet stream was on fire:


When questions were opened to the audience, I took the opportunity to read a tweet from a doctor who felt that social media shouldn’t be ‘opened’ to patients “it’s a pandora’s box”.

Dr Larry Chu’s answer set the tone of the day:


Next on the Agenda the Unconference

For those who don’t know, an Unconference opens the floor to attendees: everyone has the opportunity to propose a topic, which are then winnowed down by fellow attendees. As I discovered – from my first Unconference –even if your topic isn’t chosen by the crowd, the benefits are many.

A total of 12 topics benefitted from highly engaged brains. 


The next round of crowdsourcing, netted the best of the best:



Conference impact spread beyond the room – thanks to the power of twitter: Andrew Spong  was watching the #hcsmca tweet stream from the UK, and Ross from Saskatchewan Canada


It’s an unusual conference when, at the end of a packed day, there’s still lots of energy in the room. With the help of social media, enthusiasm will drive implementation.