Gaping Void

Post Written By Guest Blogger, Andy DeLaO

For years healthcare has been about the box, the medical complex, the hospital. In order to deliver the best possible care to their communities, healthcare organizations have taken great effort to acquire expertise and house it all in one place. The hospital.

In today's world, anyone with access to the internet and a smart phone, tablet, or computer has the ability to connect with anyone else in the world. No longer is expertise collected and housed inside physician lounges, hospitals, healthcare systems or professional organizations.

Expertise is everywhere.

As Metcalfe's Law states:

“The value of a network is proportional to the square of the connected users of the system.”

This is the new paradigm in healthcare.

The value of physicians and healthcare providers is in their ability to connect beyond the four walls of the hospital with their end users, patients. To share their knowledge and expertise such as new journal articles and publications, a new video on a treatment procedure, or educating people on how to be active participants in their care.

Patients and physicians are more powerful when they make time to connect. The connection builds trust. As patients and physicians build a trusted relationship it facilitates a transparent dialogue. The dialogue establishes expectations for patients and physicians to manage the transitions in care.

The value of a healthcare organization is no longer proportional to the knowledge and technology they collect. Their value is in the connections they facilitate, manage, and grow.

Facilitate more connections and manage the relationships and your value grows exponentially.

“Connection is the new measure for value in healthcare."