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Reassurance – Essential to the Art in High Quality Patient Care

Guest Post by Ian Stevens Originally Posted on Bernadette Keefe's Blog

The Sports Physio

So after an exasperating and exhausting weekend wading through piles of hyperbole, rhetoric, red herrings, and straw men fallacies trying to fathom out what the hell an ‘Osteopractor’ is/does, I am relieved to be doing something more productive. Today I am pleased to give you a fantastic guest blog by Ian Stevens a physiotherapist in the beautiful Forth Valley in Scotland that gets us all back down to earth and reminds us what real physiotherapy is/does.

“Thank-you, I have been wanting this reassurance for a number of years now.”

This was the parting statement from a patient I saw last week and I have been reflecting on this heart-felt spontaneous comment since. This particular man was unusual in primary care, especially for a referral for musculoskeletal pain since the condition was the only thing he had to complain of.

He was a man in his early seventies who cycled, had run marathons, hill races in his sixties, had modest aspirations in life, and cared for his extended family. There was little to complain about, he no longer took any medication, he slept well and had lots of plans for the future. I had merely presented information to put his mind at ease and suggest he could indeed expect to a great deal more than his doctor had suggested was possible...

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