From Mythology to Reality: Unoceros Unites the Globe


Smartphones and tablets have more processing power than NASA used to put man on the moon. Imagine what you could do with thousands of mobile devices linked together!

Unoceros is the world’s first distributed computing network powered by mobile devices owned by people all over the world. As devices within the Unoceros network lay idle, it utilizes their unused computing power for projects in healthcare and beyond.

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The Unoceros network is ever expanding. The potential number of distributed machines within our network is only limited by the number of mobile devices in the world, not by data center square footage. The interface is easy to use as you can see below:


Unoceros_screen1 Unoceros_screen2 Unoceros_screen3














Find out more about Unoceros on their website and on Twitter below:

Unoceros Twitter

Devin Elliot

Marie Sbrocca