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Three Twitter Chats that are just too good to pass up

Want to talk shop with doctors and other health care professionals?

Three Twitter Chats that are just too good to pass up.

More frequently than one would imagine, health care thought leaders, doctors, professionals, advocates, and students come together to discuss the latest health care trends, reform policies, technology and industry advancements.  These discussions are an incredible way to share one’s knowledge and experience on a wide variety of the topics that matter most, and to have one’s voice heard by professionals working in health care.

Twitter chats are a great way to get directly involved with the health care community.  If you aren’t on Twitter, be sure to sign up for an account!

Wondering how to get started, and who to follow?

Three of the top health care Twitter chats to follow are #KareoChat, #healthITchicks, and #DPCStartupChat.  Each group covers a wide variety of topics, and frequently feature special guests.  The above-groups all offer a unique point of view and inspirational insight into the health care world.

#KareoChat specializes in a wide variety of topics such as digital health, hybrid medicine and patient engagement.

#healthITchicks offers information on how to balance life and work, parental leave, the wage gap, entrepreneurship, mentorship and most importantly the need to attract more women to STEM fields.

#DPCStartupChat discusses Free Market Health Care and how to improve the doctor-patient relationship.


Every Thursday at 9 a.m. Pacific, thought leaders and enthusiasts across the healthcare space gather on Twitter for #KareoChat. This weekly event sees a variety of hosts discuss the topics that matter most to our audience: From Digital Health to Hybrid Medicine to Patient Engagement and beyond, the topics change weekly and are always lead by a host who is passionate about the subject at hand.

#KareoChat is a friendly, informal setting where all are welcome. Whether you're a leader in the space or a student hoping to learn more about a particular topic, the comfortable and energetic setting of #KareoChat is the perfect place to do so. And you'll never know who you'll meet! With a total audience exposure of over 100,000 people weekly, this is the perfect opportunity to network, share your expertise, and learn more.

Kareo formed #KareoChat to provide a community for those who are passionate about current events in the healthcare space. It was formed as a tool to educate while building relationships with others who have similar interests. The high-energy chat sees 6 questions asked by @GoKareo within the hour, questions that we're anxious to hear our host's and audiences opinion on! We hope to see you there!


The #healthITchicks community brings together women (and men!) to discuss issues relevant to women working in healthcare IT.  Through the #healthITchicks LinkedIn group and monthly tweet chats, we focus on a range of discussion topics including work/life balance, parental leave, the wage gap, entrepreneurship and mentorship, and the need to attract more women to STEM fields.  The community also highlights the work women in healthcare IT are doing to advance innovation and interoperability.  Join us for the next #healthITchicks tweet chat on Wednesday, November 18 at 1pm ET, and be sure to check out the LinkedIn group:


#DPCStartupChat is a community of health care professionals and consumers who advocate person-centric care via Free Market Health Care aka Direct Care.  Direct Care empowers the doctor-patient relationship.

Each season showcases a talented group of entrepreneur-driven Direct Primary Care (DPC) doctors sharing their experience during the startup of their practice, and their journey to where they are today.  Stay tuned for the DPC Fall Follow Up series as they return to share their latest news.


Social media is much more than pictures of your friends and funny cats.  When used correctly, social media is a powerful tool where thousands of like-minded individuals can come together to discuss important, and potentially ground-breaking topics.  Doctors, health care professionals and enthusiasts alike are turning to social media in ever-increasing numbers to discuss the most important problems and solutions in health care.

If you aren’t already involved, be sure to check out #KareoChat, #HealthITchicks and #DPCStartupChat for the latest in health care.

#KareoChat: If you’re interested in digital health, hybrid medicine or patient engagement, #KareoChat will be a dream come true for you. With audience exposure of more than 100,000 people weekly, it’s one of the best Twitter chats to connect, share expertise and learn from health care professionals in an informal setting. The chat begins every Thursday at 9am Pacific time sharply.

#HealthITchicks: As the name probably suggests, the #HealthITchicks discussions are devoted to women, working in healthcare IT. Apart from their Twitter chat (next one is on Wednesday, November 18, at 1pm ET), you can also join them in their LinkedIn group to discuss issues such as balancing work and life, parental leave and wage gaps, and attracting more women into the STEM fields. Of course, all men are welcome!

#DPCStartupchat: Finally, the #DPCStartupchat is the perfect place to share your views on Free Market Health Care. The Twitter chat connects professionals with consumers, who advocate the person-centric care. Each season features a group of direct primary care doctors, who feel passionate about direct care and the free market health care - tune it to hear about their experiences and practice!

About Author:

Kat Quinn, MBA is a health care start-up specialist with a focus in Digital Health and Direct Primary Care start-ups and co-founder of, social media's leading Free-Market Healthcare voice. Her primary objective is to help Health IT start-ups and Direct Care doctors succeed in their business endeavors.