Transform 2015 Leading Healthcare Innovation - Mayo Center for Innovation

How Attending Transform Was Like… Practicing Yoga, Making An Omelet and A Diving Board.

Question:  What was your experience attending Transform Conference like? Use a metaphor/simile to describe your experience.


Cassie Bongers >> UMR Student

My experience at Transform 2015 was like learning in physics that the north and south poles of the earth, as the world knows them, are actually labeled backwards from what they really are magnetically. At first, I was a bit confused about how things got this way and why everyone isn't taught this correctly to begin with. Next, I got intrigued about how there could be so much more about this thing that I thought I knew and began to dig a bit deeper into learning more about the correct way of thinking. Finally, I grew interested in what other things I may have learned incorrectly that there may be so much more to than I previously thought. Overall, this insight causes you to become more curious, to challenge previous beliefs, and to want to bring this new, better way of thinking to others in hopes that it would inspire them to think differently as well.

Nitya Chandiramani >> UMR Student

The metaphor that I would use to describe transform would be that of yoga. I decided that I would go into the Transform Conference with a clear mind, a blank slate, a sponge ready to soak up anything and everything. When people decide to sit down and do yoga and meditate they all go in with the goal of having a blank mind so they can relax and find their inner peace.

However, as the aspiring yogis and I have found, it is easier said than done to clear your mind. There are hundreds of thoughts and ideas racing through your mind and you’re trying to make sense of everything while trying to suppress it at the same time so you can focus. But what I came to realize was that all the innovative ideas, stories, projects, etc. the speakers at transformed shared that were whirling around in my mind was in fact a comfortable confusion. I was able to learn more about myself and healthcare innovation through accepting this information and indulging in the thoughts that arose in my mind as a result of this conference.

At the end of the conference I felt a wave of peace wash over me as I let all the phenomenal information and events sink in. I realized that I didn’t need to clear my mind, rather I had to add this new knowledge to what already existed and figure out what topics I want to explore further and how to get involved. As cliché as it may sound, Transform was truly a transformative experience for me. I am interested in exploring how to get more involved in the Complementary and Alternative Medicine that Dr. Sood presented, and the options that are available for pursuing Healthcare Innovation in the future. As yogis will find, yoga and meditation aren’t about trying to clear your mind for an inconceivably long period of time and getting frustrated as a result of being unable to do so. Rather, it is about doing what’s best for you, welcoming your thoughts with an open mind, processing and filtering through them, and eventually emerging with a goal and a direction. Yoga is about putting your mind in the focus mode, as Dr. Sood would suggest, and that is what transform has done for me.

Phillip Kersten >> UMR Student

I make omelets every morning the exact same way. Never too complicated and always satisfying. But then someone sees me making omelets and opens a cupboard full of spices and tells me how I don't need to make the same boring breakfast every morning. Now there is opportunity for experimentation and discovery.

Allison Lund >> UMR Student

My metaphor for the 2015 transform conference was jumping off a diving board. Initially when the conference began, I was overwhelmed with information and great ideas that I had never thought about before. Initially, I had no idea how I was going to act on this information or what I was supposed to do with it. This is similar to what is going through your head while you are standing at the top of a diving board. You are standing at the top, looking at the water, trying to decide whether or not to jump. However, as the conference progressed, I began relating the ideas presented to my own personal and professional life. I began to see how they connected and how I could incorporate some of these ideas in my future healthcare practice. This phase is similar to the actual jump into the water. Once you begin to take everything in and take the leap of faith, you are able to jump into the refreshing water. This final step allowed me to relate the presentations to my own life and walk away feeling refreshed and inspired.

Rachel Rask >> UMR Student

As I have been reaching the final year of my undergraduate career I have viewed my education as a growing tree. I have developed strong academic roots and a solid understanding of concepts of science, mathematics, culture, as well as a familiarity with my own strengths. What I have learned at Transform has led to the growth of a new branch of knowledge. My experience was unlike anything I have learned in a classroom, and was truly extraordinary. I now have an understanding of innovation, courageous questions, and what it takes to be a pioneer in the healthcare setting.

Megan Zimmerman >> UMR Student

Transform was like a big jigsaw puzzle to me. The first day I got there, I didn't know what to expect from the conference. My thoughts were like the pieces of a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle: scattered everywhere with no organization in sight. So, I started with the edges of the puzzle and jumped right in to Transform 2015. Session One: People, Power, Health set the stage for the next three days. After a few speakers, we knew more of the wonderful things we could expect from the speakers and interactions with each other. Over the next few days, we filled in the inside of the puzzle with presentations on health and wellness, death and dying, and examples of people coming together to make changes in their community. By Friday, the puzzle was complete. The last pieces came together and a picture appeared. I saw that change occurs when people come together with motivation, innovation, and a little impatience to change the status quo and redefine health and wellness in our communities.

Haley Pysick >> UMR Student

It was early in the morning, just before dawn. I was sleeping calmly, feeling safe in my bed. Once dawn came, the sun started to peak over the horizon, and shine into my window. At first, the sun felt a bit harsh, as I was not ready to wake up and leave the comfort of my bed. But as the sunshine absorbed into my skin, I gradually felt more and more awake. Eventually, I opened my eyes and realized how refreshed and invigorated I felt. I was ready to start my day.

Sam Duke >> Engagement Manager

After this wonderful 3-day conference, I feel like a tree going through the changing of the seasons. While listening to each speaker or attending breakout sessions, I gave each new idea one of my leaves (a piece of my energy and commitment). I am now a bare tree as I have given all I can. I need to take time to be dormant and process all of my new ideas and experiences. BUT, come Spring, I will start sprouting new leaves, flowers, activities, initiatives, community projects and new perspectives. While seemingly 'empty,' I am full to the brim!

Yuko Taniguchi >> CFI-UMR Writing Internship Instructor

Absorbing all the information, stories, and energy at Transform was like breathing while running up a hill.  While I ran, my body became heavy as I gained more information.  After the conference, I was standing on top of the hill, looking over the city, breathing heavily, exhausted.  I needed to sit there until my body and mind processed everything and calmed down.