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The Banter of Fear

Post Written By Andy DeLao


It is the one things stops most of us from speaking up, sharing, and putting ourselves out there for the world to notice.

Millions of times a day the banter of fear fills us with doubt, questions, and second guesses.

It isn’t the fear of failing, it is the fear of being unique, individual, and being seen that inhibits us.

In a world of ordinary, each of us has the ability to choose to be extraordinary.

When we choose to share our art, it means sharing who we are with the world.

It means putting ourselves on the hook to have an opinion, a point of view, and to believe in something.

I believe in connecting various dots in new ways to provide meaningful change for patients, providers, and the rest of the healthcare stakeholders.

It all begins and ends with the patient.

Be unique, be individual, and be seen by connecting with one patient at a time.

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