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A Year Of Healthcare

Post Written By Dr. Nick Binns

Nick_BinnsI am a family physician in New Zealand attending the Techstars ++ Mayo immersion program. I am here as a representative of Melon Health and also of my employer in New Zealand, Midlands Health.

As well as being a family physician, I spend two days a week with a team rolling out the Seattle based 'Health Care Home' across practices in the Midlands District of the north island of New Zealand.

We recognized that the old way of doing things just wasn’t sustainable for patients or for staff and that things needed to change to be able to meet the burgeoning demand of population health and the increased pressure on staff.

Our model includes patient calls going to a call centre, Doctors triaging patients (via phone) that want a same day appointment, telephone consults during the day and patients having access to a patient portal where they have access to their records and results and can email their Doctor direct and can book an appointment online.

We employ Medical Centre assistants which free up nurses time to carry out a patient “year of healthcare” plan for our high needs/high risk patients with a view to being proactive rather than reactive.

These strategies improve the patient's experience of the healthcare system and shifts primary care onto a more sustainable footing. Importantly, it places the patient and their needs, at the centre of their care and allows for more proactive, responsive and effective healthcare.

Initial results are encouraging with more patients needs being met with less “Face to Face” interaction. These results suggest that patient compliance, engagement and trust has increased, resulting in better clinical outcomes. Staff and patient feedback is also encouraging after the initial upheaval.

Here's a short video on our model of care and how it works in the primary care setting.

Dr Nick Binns

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