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Post Written By Ashley Lukasik

Design conferences aren’t what they used to be. IIT Institute of Design has taken on an ambitious goal with the its Strategy World Tour. The dean of the school, Patrick Whitney, and faculty are facilitating strategic discussions with twenty hand-picked participants about emerging trends at the sites where they are actually taking place, with the key players who are behind these movements, in four cities around the world. The idea is to bring participants into a highly immersive experience and draw out what the four sites of change might suggest about our collective near future working, producing, and living. What might robots being built to deliver healthcare in San Francisco tell us about the hospital experience of the future?

Strategy World Tour - Transform - Center for Innovation - May

The Strategy World Tour evolved out of the Strategy Conference, which brought business and thought leaders together to talk about design’s impact in the world for thirteen years. The Tour remains committed to design’s role as a bridge between different fields, disciplines, and macrotrends but uses a new model to make the conversations more tangible and actionable.

There are still opportunities to get on a tour looking at:

  • The Maker Movement in San Francisco >> Oct. 12-14
  • Technology’s impact on logistics and manufacturing in Hong Kong and Shenzhen >> Dec. 7
  • Scaling innovation in Mumbai >> Feb. 8-10
  • Social innovation in Detroit >> April 11-13

Or, join the culminating event in Chicago with examples and a mini-tour representing each of the preceding themes. Learn more and apply to participate here.

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