How My Lokai Bracelet Can Support Healthcare Data


Post written by Andy DeLaO



This is a picture of the Lokai (@livelokai) bracelets that I wear on a daily basis. I happen to have the clear (original), the blue (water conservation), and the green/brown (world wild life) bracelets. I quit wearing my Fitbit Flex because it is too bulky, looks and feels like a watch, it takes up too much space on my wrist versus my Lokai bracelets, and I do not like the story it tells.

I believe in the story of Lokai (read on their website) and that is why I am always looking to buy the new limited edition, or finding a replacement for an older one that I wear.

Their story is simple:


Water from Mt. Everest, the highest point on earth, fills the solid white ball of the bracelet. This is to remind you to appreciate those moments in your life when you feel as if you are sitting on top of the world. The big accomplishments.

Mud from the Dead Sea fills the black bead on the bracelet. This is to remind you of those moments in time in which you feel low, sad, down, or as if nothing is going your way. When (you know what) hits the fan.


For me personally, being connected to healthcare globally and more specifically to the world of cancer, I find that the bracelets have a lot of meaning to me on many different levels. Life has ups and downs. A Ying and a Yang. A good and a bad.


I would like to see two things happen:

  1. I want to see Lokai create a limited edition bracelet that supports the freeing of patient data, the literacy needed to accompany this openness, and the story on the importance to patients.
  2. I want to see a bracelet developed that has sensors in it to replace my Fitbit Flex.


In the short term producing a bracelet to symbolize and unify all of us on the importance of healthcare data, and patients owning it freely and openly is imperative. Combining this with the simple and easy to understand story of the Lokai bracelet I believe is a quick win for all of us.

Long term I want to replace my Fitbit Flex with something that isn’t as obtrusive. I want to enjoy wearing my fitness tracker, but I do not want it to be like a watch at all. I want it to be fashionable, tell a story that has a deeper meaning to me, and isn’t like everything else on the market.

Each bead could have a different sensor. It could change colors based on different expectations and goals I set. It wouldn’t have to be charged nightly.

One bead could be an accelerometer, one could be a Bluetooth transmitter, one could be a gyroscope, another a battery, a few could be LED’s, one with a memory stick to collect my patient data and images from my healthcare provider, and fill in the other beads with other sensors. Or maybe have a build your own version to your own specific goals and needs.

I know I am expanding the model, but this is what I want.

Yes, taking this 2 step approach also develops a new ecosystem for Lokai too. Educate us all on the importance of having our healthcare data as well as creating a device to support and add to that pool of information.

Okay #livelokai I told you what I want both short term and long term, how about we make it happen?

Let’s repost and tag #livelokai and #HITsm to see if we can get them to help our efforts.

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