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Publish or Perish


Post written by Dr. Joyce Lee


You MUST watch this video of Joi Ito and Reid Hoffman, which has very important lessons about innovation for academia. Publish or perish? Or deploy or die? Scientific knowledge leading to impact? Or impact leading to scientific knowledge? It’s long, but it’s fantastic. See tweets of highights below:


Wouldn’t this be a dream?

The methodology of how they conduct their work.

At the MIT Media Lab:

Great motto:

The world has changed in terms of opportunity and how innovation occurs:

Everyone talks about interdisciplinary work, but…

if you are collaborating with a colleague who also submits NIH grants for a living, that’s not innovation

A Call to Action:

Interesting comment about the d.School

According to Joi Ito, this is innovation:

Fellow academics; we need to wake up and reassess output and “productivity”

Yup, I agree with the below:

What does our academic system reward? Grades, Degrees, Test Scores, and Individual over Group contributions

This is the sad state of academia.

His thoughts on MOOCs - what a fascinating idea:


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