A Game or Real Life: Playing Operation





Post written by Joyce Lee, M.D.
I was playing Operation with my kids the other day and made a stunning realization! It abides by the rules of Pay for Performance!




I played this game when I was a kid but I never realized the health policy implications of the game! According to Wikipedia, it has been in production since 1965! Hmm that was well before pay for performance was instituted. Was the creator of the game a health policy forecaster in disguise?

But it turns out that I was just playing the US version; the other fascinating piece is that there are differences in the game across the pond!

Apparently there is a US version and a UK version which differ by Compensation and Performance.








Additional observations about the cost of an Operation

1. The creator could have never predicted how much higher the costs of surgery would become! At $600-$1200 dollars for an operation, all surgery in this game is a bargain!

2. In the game, specialists make more than generalists! But I just wanted to add that although this is the case for adult medicine it’s the opposite for pediatric medicine.


Yes this article was linkbait but at least I have fully disclosed that fact.




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