How to be a Health Care Leader on Twitter





Bernadette Keefe, M.D.,  practiced medicine until a difficult back issue and subsequent surgery intervened. Joining Twitter in late 2010 she became interested in healthcare social media (healthcare Twitter) specifically because of her interest in developing a ‘smart walker’; a technologically-enhanced walker to address/improve mobility issues in ageing and after injury. In July 2013 she launched the handle @walkeredu to represent ‘The Walker Education Project’: an endeavour to both educate people about walkers and to explore safe and improved walker designs.

Realizing quickly that this endeavor addressed larger healthcare issues, the Twitter name @nxtstop1 was launched in August 2013 as Dr. Keefe's professional (and personal) handle.

Since that time her involvement in healthcare social media has escalated with countless tweet chats (both moderated and participated), and medical conference curations and illuminating; the scope of her interests and participation in healthcare twitter seems unlimited.

Listen to our conversation with Dr. Keefe after the break!



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