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Post written by Kat Quinn, M.B.A.


Doximple is a revolutionary platform that matches healthcare consumers and small businesses with cash-based providers.

The user-friendly marketplace allows consumers to save time and reduce out-of-pocket expenses, by shopping and comparing services and upfront cash prices with no signup or membership required, like they would shop on Amazon or An optional, free membership provides the added benefit of a personal health and wellness portal that remains with the consumer regardless of employment or insurance plan.

Healthcare and wellness providers can increase revenue on cash-based services by marketing direct-to-consumer and add value by building a digitally connected referral network of providers accessible to their patients.

Small businesses can help employees save money by building and expanding private networks, from chiropractors to cardiologists, with exclusive content and pricing specifically designed for their employees all inside a private and secure portal.


Doximple's History


When Grant Moller was treated for MRSA, Lyme disease, and two hip surgeries, he discovered several shocking truths about the U.S healthcare system. The system was way too complex and loaded with excessive and wasteful costs. In the face of this complexity and waste, he found that many top providers were cash-based and thus a referral through an insurance would never lead to them. Several of them were also considered "alternative medicine." A provider's ability to treat his conditions was often undiscoverable even in the results of search engines. This was shocking revelation for him in this time and age.

Today, more than ever before, people are struggling to cope with the skyrocketing out-of-pocket healthcare expenses. The dawn of high-deductible health plans and the rising cost of care are the biggest contributors to this trend. Millions of Americans including you are either already impacted or likely to be impacted in the next few years. If you don't work for a large business that can afford a high cost transparency tool for its employees, then you can’t navigate this opaque market.


He wanted to change this…. and, that resolve led to the advent of Doximple.


Doximple, the healthcare and wellness marketplace, enables consumers to reduce out-of-pocket expenses by shopping for cash-based services. Consumers can search and filter through a spectrum of options, and even assess provider quality before booking an appointment. The platform allows providers to market their services directly to consumer and engage with them in public or private.

Through an intuitive and user-friendly interface, Doximple simplifies the process of finding a healthcare or wellness (eg: chiropractor, acupuncturist, etc.) provider and comparing all alternative treatment options. For instance, if you search for “back pain”, Doximple will give you all potential treatment options offered by providers ranging from wellness, such as chiropractors and massage therapists, to traditional medical doctors, like primary care physicians and orthopedic surgeons. The user can then filter the results by price, ratings, location, and several other helpful options.

Doximple functions as a marketing tool for providers who wish to expand their cash-based services business and connect directly with their consumer groups. Providers can create their professional profile and market services, cash prices and discounts direct-to-consumer with the help of features like the competitive analytics dashboard. By listing their profile, providers gain access to networks of businesses, brokers, TPAs, and consumers to promote special pricing, offers and discounts.

Doximple Community - the social component of the platform - enables providers and healthcare advocates to create private or public communities to engage and educate their audiences on healthcare topics that they specialize in. Brokers and Third-Party Administrators (TPAs) can use this community feature to collaborate and build narrow networks for their various employee groups; a value add to the brokering and administration of health, dental and wellness plan benefits they already provide. Most notable in this feature for Brokers and TPAs is that these narrow networks of providers, with discounted prices negotiated for a specific employer group, are visible based on permissions managed by Broker and TPA. All of this work can be done on one platform in secret project areas so there are no competitive conflicts. Save time and money for you and your clients!

Doximple is free for both provider and consumers. Unlike other transparency tools in the market, Doximple does not charge a service fee or require payment processing through the platform for a consumer to book an appointment for service and price they find on Doximple.

Currently in private alpha being tested by providers on an invite-only basis, Doximple is gearing up for its public beta launch in early December and simultaneously working on raising capital. The initial feedback they have received from the healthcare community-consumers, providers and payers - has been incredibly positive. If you wish to learn more about Doximple and engage with them, visit


About the Author:

Kat Quinn is a digital health start-up specialist with a focus in Digital Health and Direct Primary Care start-ups and co-founder of, one of social media's leading Direct Primary Care voices.




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