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When you get right down to it, being a designer in health care – working to create innovation – is a lot like being an evangelist. You are a stranger in a strange land bringing news of hope and how to walk the path to enlightenment. Yet like every evangelist you are disrupting the status quo. “This is the way it’s always been done,” is a common response.

Slowly, but surely, you see a few converts here and there who understand the power that design and design thinking can have on health care. The biggest obstacle that you encounter is a culture and industry that has succeeded in keeping the status quo alive and well. For the last 150 years health care has existed in keeping things uniform, predictable and repeatable. Redundancy has worked fine.

But the times are changing, as we all know, and health care must change in order to survive. We are seeing the shift happen already. People are more informed about their own selves like never before; people power their own health in ways never before imagined.

That being said, the need for change from the inside out is integral to the success of any organization, and building a culture for innovation is key. One of my favorite terms for the change-maker that works within an organization was coined by Guy Kawasaki: Intrapreneur. It’s a fantastic word for those inside an organization who have that startup heart, and want to create change.

If this sounds like you, then join us and Prescribe Design on the 19th of August at 9:30am (Pacific Standard Time) on Twitter at #PrescribeDesign to talk about how to create a culture of innovation. Every action started as an idea, and we hope this chat helps spark your idea to reality!



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