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Post written by Andy DeLao


I happened to be in the dense Northwoods of Wisconsin a few weeks ago. As I was sitting on the deck overlooking the lake, it reminds me that I am alone.

I am in solitude. There is no internet, no wireless, no cell coverage. There are no people around. There is not a continuous interruption of the phone ringing, doorbells, people talking, or the ding of Twitter.

I am not in the loop. I am not up to the very second on the conversations going on in #HCLDR #LCSM #CANCER or #HITsm. I know the world is still moving at lightspeed. People are communicating, talking, and sharing. Yet I have no idea what they are discussing, what is trending, or what the hot topics are of the day.

It reminds me that this is how the vast majority of people globally feel about healthcare.

Healthcare insiders talk their lingo, their dialect, their acronyms and the rest of the world has no idea what they are discussing.

Remember that healthcare is all about connecting with the one person that matter the most, at that single moment in time, the patient in front of you.


Connect in the terms, language, and forms that patients prefer. Do not assume you know, actually stop and ask, stop to listen, and stop to understand.

Connect with your patients.

One patient at a time.

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