When does a person become a patient?

When Does a Person Become a Patient?


When does a person become a patient?


Post written by Andy DeLao


In the past few months I have had the opportunity to speak to several healthcare organizations, leaders, and patients living in the different communities.

I have noticed that there is a divide between healthcare CEO and COO’s discussing population health and management and how people living within the community identify with healthcare.

People that are living their normal daily routines, without a chronic condition or diagnosis, or that have not had a recent emergency or need to seek out care, do not readily identify themselves as “patients.”

People living in the community with a chronic condition/diagnosis from cancer to diabetes were more likely to identify themselves as “patients.”

Which has led me to ask the following question:


“When does a person become a patient?”


This is a very personal question.

Each of us has a unique perspective, life experiences, and social/family influences that determine our world view on the term “patients.”

Yet from my experience, I know that the biggest opportunity to make meaningful impacts in healthcare is by identifying and defining the transitions.

So I am sending a message and asking both healthcare “insiders” (physicians/professionals), patient experts/influencers, and the general community at large….


“When does a person become a patient?”


Let us know your thoughts with the hashtag #MyIdealPtExp on Twitter.




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