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5 PechaKucha Prompts to Help You Meet Friday’s Deadline


Join us on the main stage


Post written by Eric Anderson


Are you having trouble solidifying your Transform 2015 PechaKucha submission? Here are five prompts that will help you challenge your initial idea, expand the scope of your proposal, and meet this Friday’s deadline.


  1. The Interrogation: Come up with ten arguments someone could make to discredit your idea, ten flaws in your thesis, or ten holes in your narrative. Now counter each of those arguments by using facts, images, personal anecdotes, etc. Dig deep and defend your idea! Finished? Now you have a rough draft of 20 slides.


  1. Lost in Translation: Individuals and institutions from all over the world will be watching the live steam of Transform 2015 (don’t let that scare you; you’re a superstar and you know it.) How would you pose your narrative or idea to a group that doesn’t share your language? Would you use images that transcend cultural signifiers in an attempt to connect with universal human truths, if such truths exist? Or music? What culture is without some form of rhythm-driven commune? Who’s heart doesn’t at least beat? Ludwig or trashcan lid? Chuck D, circa 1990: “Hear the drummer get wicked.”


  1. Haikuisation: Are you having a hard time focusing your thoughts into a coherent and concise thesis? You need a constraint. Put pressure on your idea until you have 15 syllables that are alive, rare, difficult, and arresting, as all great poetry should be. If you are feeling brave, post your haiku in the comments below.


  1. Tell Me a Story: Concepts don’t make us cry. Bringing a room full of physicians, innovators, and business leaders to tears shouldn’t be your goal, but using narrative devices – such as story arc, point-of-view, and conflict – will help you connect with your audience on an emotional level. By posing your topic against a series of obstacles you give us something to root for. And not all of those obstacles should be overcome. Presenting the vulnerabilities that are inherent in your idea will evoke the constant possibility that it, like the well developed, fallible protagonists of fiction that we continue to turn to for models of humility, may fail to endure over time. By the end of your presentation, if you treat your topic with the complexity it and your audience deserve, you may have us believing it is ourselves that we are rooting for.


  1. Focus: Let’s be honest, you don’t need to know what Amy Schumer and Lebron James had for dinner. Turn off Twitter for the evening. Better yet, lock your computer into PechaKucha-only-mode. There are a number of apps designed to lock out the distractions that clog your creative bandwidth. Here is a list of apps that will help you stay focused. Yes, this isn’t technically a prompt. Shame on me; but shame on you for reading this far into the post when you know you should be preparing your submission for Transform 2015!


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