The Week-End Roundup

10 Stories You May Have Missed This Week


The Week-End Roundup



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Check out these great stories from the week after the break!


1. Cognitive computing offers a brave new world where data isn’t just collected but harnessed for the greater good ( psfk ).

2. Say goodbye to "ouch" with painless patch measles vaccine ( medGadget ).

3. How the Internet of Things is reshaping health care ( Dell Health ).

4. Lab monitoring can improve medication adherence ( Clinical Innovation + Technology ).

5. This hospital is already giving patients Apple watches for digital health recording ( Forbes ).

6. Can smart design be what's keeping us healthy ( psfk )?

7. Would doctors be better if they didn't have to memorize ( NPR )?

8. Mental health effects of bullying even worse than effects of abuse by adults ( Forbes ).

9. 3 elements for changing Care Models ( Intel Health ).

10. Our Transform podcast is now on iTunes ( iTunes )!







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