Is the way we are working actually working?

Innovation at the Core of the Community


Is the way we are working actually working?


I (AJ) met Pritpal S Tamber in 2013 here at the Center for Innovation and was quickly impressed with his insights into health care and his work for transformative change in how we approach innovation within health care. So when we started looking for people who are powering health from many non-traditional ways, his name immediately came to mind.

Pritpal S Tamber is the Founder of the Creating Health Collaborative, was the Physician Editor of TEDMED 2013, and has more experience with various foundations and organizations (which we talk about in the podcast) to list here.

I am so excited to introduce you to Pritpal S Tamber, and his work through our chat over Skype. Check out his website to read more on his thoughts on health care and innovation, and follow him on Twitter too!

Enjoy the podcast after the break.





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