The Week-End Roundup

13 Stories You May Have Missed This Week


The Week-End Roundup



Patient Experience - A "New" and Lasting Healthcare Reality ( HCLDR ).

Surgical 'Black Box' Could Reduce Errors ( CNN ).

Design Thinking Turned This Doctor's World Upside-Down ( CFI ).

What is "Design Fixation," and How Can You Stop It ( Co.Design )?

Student Wisdom: Tech Doesn't Always = Innovation ( Innovation Educator ).

What’s Wrong With Healthcare For Older Adults in the US? It Can be Summed up in a 10-word Response on a Physician’s Voice Mail ( Forbes ).

How do You Defines Success in Healthcare Innovation ( CFI )?

This Website Invites You To Donate Your Body To Science Without Having To Die ( Forbes ).

Frugal Innovation Brings Healthcare to Rural India ( iQ ).

Using Advanced Social Intelligence to Understand the Patient Journey ( HealthWorks Collective ).

At the Crossroads of Health Care and Innovation ( HHS ).

A Pen for People with Parkinsons ( Co.Design ).

Videos On End-Of-Life Choices Ease Tough Conversation ( NPR ).





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