Doctor as Designer

Design Thinking Turned This Doctor’s World Upside-Down


Doctor as Designer


When Joyce Lee, M.D., M.P.H., took her sabbatical at Stanford, she discovered design and design thinking and her whole approach to life was turned upside-down. And she has never been more excited.

When you see the transformation that just her office took (check out her blog here) into become a collaborative space, or how she approaches life with her two children and family, it's evident that design thinking has radically transformed her work and life for the better.

We were able to catch Dr. Lee during her busy schedule to connect online and have an amazing conversation about design thinking in health care, patients as part of the collaborative process, and how design enables people to power their own health.

Catch the whole conversation after the break!



Check out the Maker movie here.

Learn more about Little Devices at MIT here.




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