April Fools

New Viable Prototype Announced: The jIVa Wearable


April Fools


Through Human-Centered Design and collaboration with multiple producers of coffee, the Center for Innovation is proud to announce it's first wearable prototype: the jIVa. The jIVa is an intravenous device that allows you to directly absorb coffee directly into your blood stream. Preliminary benefits have been shown to increase typing speeds, multitasking efficiency, and a 300% increase in ideation creation.

"We went through various different models and systems before landing on what, in our opinion, is a ground-breaking shift in wearable technology," said lead designer, Meghan Rossel.

The economic implications are just being recognized through the first quarter of tests. With the jIVa, there is no more need to purchase coffee filters, mugs, creamer, sugar, or any accessories related to the coffee experience. The jIVa is a self-contained unit that utilizes state-of-the-art laser powered injection units to deliver continuous delivery of the proprietary blend of jIVa coffee into the blood stream.

While some tests were conducted through patch-based delivery systems, our observations and design methods led us to a wearable-based solution. Tests were conducted, and feedback showed a higher result in adherence and productivity through the wearable delivery system.

"We encourage our staff at the Center for Innovation to have 'Walking Meetings,' and with the jIVa, we were able to get more steps in to our days without having to wait in line at the coffee shop, which had a direct correlation to increased work output and idea generation," reports Center for Innovation's Medical Director, Douglas Fir.

Reported side-effects have been minimal as of yet. Only a small percentage (4%) of participants have experienced small bouts of insomnia (74-82 hours on average). Proper clinical testing through a double-blind study has been approved, and a first publication will follow shortly. The biggest surprise has been writing this article with a straight face. Happy April Fools Day!




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