The Week-End Roundup

10 Stories You Might Have Missed This Week





Engaging and supporting your staff improves the patient experience ( Health Service Journal ).

Data Silos: Health care's Silent Shame ( Forbes ).

Apple has it's sights on clinical trials ( Washington Post ).

Health care systems try to cut costs by aiding the poor and troubled ( New York Times ).

When wearable tech saves your life, you won't take it off ( Fast Company ).

Department of Health and Human Services launches digital storytelling to increase HIV treatment ( Clinical Innovation + Technology ).

Iceland's giant genome project points to the future of medicine ( IEEE Spectrum ).

Diabetes already affects 382 million people - and it's getting worse ( Co.EXIST ).

Handiii redefines what's possible among prosthetic limbs through 3D printing and microcomputing ( PSFK ).

Life Clock Wants To Turn Apple's Watch Into A Countdown Timer For Death ( Co.DESIGN ).




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