What Does Health Mean

Invest in Your Employees by Keeping Them Well


What Does Health Mean


Guest Post by Transform 2013 Presenter, Susan Mazer


Last week, we had a two-hour company wide meeting going over our health plan options for the coming year.

While the premiums went up slightly, the coverage is better. In fact, the good news is that, for the first time ever, wellness and prevention are at the top of the "100% covered" list.

Do you realize how amazing this is? You can get a physical, a mammogram, PSA test -- whatever you need for wellness and prevention and it will be covered.

It used to be that not only was a routine physical exam not covered, but physicians had to scheme around to get paid for it -- like find some diagnostic reason to do a routine examination.

What does health mean? Florence Nightingale wrote that "Being well is using well the powers we have." That the only relationship we should have to infection and disease is prevention.

SOUND INVESTMENTSOf course, in Nightingale's day, there was no germ theory, bacteria had not yet been discovered, and the word "antibiotic" had not been born. Physicians sometimes got paid in chickens and the patient mortality rate was higher in the hospital than in the home.

What if we said, as employers, that keeping our staff well is itself necessary, but not sufficient compensation? That paying them enough to have a life, take care of their kids, is part of keeping them well?

What if we said, "The least our employees can expect is that we do them no harm?"

Sounds ideal? Most other developed countries have more humane working hours, required vacations, and universal health coverage. So, if we are not going to do it that way as a society, the responsibility falls on the employer.

My company creates environments that heal by producing The C.A.R.E. Channel and making it possible for thousands of patients in hospitals to be comforted. Therefore, keeping our employees in optimal health, at the peak of their game, inspired and gratified by their work is foundational to "walking the talk."

They have invested in our work and we invest in their lives. Fair trade, I'd say.

And, so, I pass that to you. Be well.


Susan Mazer


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