Big Data, Little Data, My Data: An Interview With John Costik


Life for those with young children diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes is a challenge, as John Costik and his family discovered. Working together with his wife, John and the entire family gained freedom through utilizing the data of their son's Continuous Glucose Monitor and some ingenuity with programming.

What started as a pet project of being able to see their son's glucose levels through a Pebble smartwatch has turned into a global movement for families with Type 1 Diabetes.

We interviewed John over Skype to learn more about his and his families story, and how turning health into an open-sourced movement changed lives.



To learn more about John Costik's work, you can check out Nightscout on GitHub. Also, be sure to visit John's blog here.


 Share your story with us on how Big Data, Little Data and My Data is changing your health, or your health care experience.


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