The Big Data Revolution

Are You Ready for Big Data?

The Big Data Revolution


In his June 26, 2014 presentation for Thinking Differently: The CFI Series of Unexpected Conversations, Jim Hackett addressed a topic that is top of mind for many organizations  – Big Data.  In his talk titled, “Are You Ready for Big Data?” Jim asserts that it is not just the data, but what we do with it and how can we be “data informed” vs “data driven”.



Jim Hackett is Vice Chair of the Board of Directors of Steelcase Inc., the global leader in the office furniture industry. Jim retired from the CEO role at Steelcase in February 2014 after overseeing all domestic and international operations of the company for more than 19 years.  Among many board and advisory appointments, Jim is a founding member of the Mayo Clinic Center for Innovation External Advisory Council.




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