Empowering Leaders At All Levels

What Happens When You Empower Your Employees For Innovation


Empowering Leaders At All Levels


The Center for Innovation (CFI) launched in June 2008, beginning it's work to transform the experience and delivery of health and health care. By connecting people inside of Mayo Clinic and identifying opportunities, solutions can be realized to transform care delivery and experience, and accelerates the pace of innovation across the organization.

"Innovation requires finding new ideas and experimentation to develop them into working solutions. The CoDE funds are a very effective way for us to sustain this kind of rapid innovation and the results of the projects have been outstanding." Douglas Wood, Medical Director of CFI

The Connect Design Enable (CoDE) Innovation Funds offer internal funding opportunities, and support, to all employees of Mayo Clinic with an innovative idea to transform the delivery and experience of health care. The approval process works through proposals yearly, and the teams selected are guided by members of CFI to develop their ideas to prototypes, and beyond.

We put together a recap of the last five years of CoDE Projects to highlight lessons learned, observations and outcomes. Enjoy flipping through some of our history below!





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