The Conversation Continues

The Conversation Continues…

The Conversation Continues


Guest Post by Chris Foster, Vice President of Booz Allen Hamilton


Transform is a unique moment in time when healthcare professionals converge in Rochester, Minnesota and for three days challenge one another, to imagine and re-imagine the healthcare industry we all want to be a part of and know is possible. The gathering will no doubt provide valuable returns on burning healthcare issues – patient experience, population healthcare, individual wellness, connected care, facilitating change – but what exact “aha” moment are we all hoping to achieve at the conference this year?

Every healthcare topic we’re concerned with has a common connective tissue – advancing healthcare through creativity and innovation.  What exactly do we mean when we say we are “innovators”?  The fact of the matter is that introducing new ideas, devices, and methods, are only as good as the action that sets them into motion.  We may be innovators if we introduce new concepts, but we are only successful innovators if we achieve positive, results-proven change through such innovations. Whether we’re discussing design thinking concepts, policy changes, disruptive innovation or the like, the foundation of each of these topics is rooted in the same underlying goal – to push the healthcare system forward by making industry-relevant, progressive thought actually actionable.  This is where my goal for the conference comes in – making progressive thought actionable.

As a firm, we strive to deliver results that endure; as a strategic communications professional in healthcare, I endeavor to do the same.  So I plan to challenge myself this year by asking the tough questions surrounding how exactly we see innovative healthcare concepts driving change, specifically change that leads to an improvement in organization-wide results.  Will you join me?

Chris Foster

Chris Foster, Vice President of Booz Allen Hamilton


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