The American Health Care Paradox

Solving “The American Health Care Paradox” at Transform

The American Health Care Paradox


Guest Post Written by: Lada Bogenschutz


Imagine a place where people can come together to find inspiration and innovative solutions to prominent problems in the health care world. Every year at Mayo Clinic Center for Innovation’s Transform symposium, this place becomes a reality. During this year’s symposium, nearly 30 different ambitious and enthusiastic speakers will teach, challenge, and inspire their audience. Audience members come with a promise of not only insightful information, but with the ability to create meaningful connections with those who share similar interests.

Along with each presentation, presenters encourage audience members to ask questions, bounce around thoughts and ideas, and gain new perspectives. Transform provides an invaluable opportunity to meet innovative professionals, become more aware of the state of health care in our world, and soak up knowledge from a wide spectrum of presenters.

Lauren Taylor, co-author of “The American Health Care Paradox,” will be among the array of experts at this year's Transform symposium. Taylor has an impressive educational background; she began her collegiate career at Yale University, received a Masters in Public Health, and now focuses her studies on global health and medical ethics at Harvard Divinity School. Taylor provides the perfect example of how the medical field encompasses so much more than the typical clinical setting. Her work inspires and motivates us to learn more about the dysfunctions of the health care system, and work towards overcoming our obstacles.

Within “The American Health Care Paradox,” Taylor, and her coauthor Elizabeth Bradley, address the financial burden of health care in the United States. Despite the immense cost of medical treatment, Americans are often unable to receive effective and efficient care. The authors review how the current system has developed, the misfortunes that have resulted from our situation, and the urgent need for improvement. Supporting their claims with research from over thirty different countries, Taylor and Bradley provide new initiatives to resolve those issues. Using success stories from other nations as a guide, the authors can only hope that their message will spark a change, and motivate others to join their cause.

If you attend Transform this year, you will leave not only more informed of our current state of health care, but more hopeful that collaboratively, we can find solutions to the obstacles we all face. The Transform symposium helps us build a community in which we can allow solutions to follow through. Even though we have a long road ahead of us, together, we can strive to become a more-informed and proactive part of our world.


Lada Bogenschutz is a Special Education Paraprofessional for Rochester Public Schools, and Guest Blogger for the Center for Innovation.

Lada Bogenschutz is a Special Education Paraprofessional for Rochester Public Schools, and Guest Blogger for the Center for Innovation.


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