The Forum: Exploring the future of health care

The Forum at Transform: Exploring the Future of Health Care


The Forum: Exploring the future of health care

The Forum, the social hub and one of the most intriguing innovations at Transform 2013, returns with new and expanded opportunities for attendees to connect, share insights and begin discussions that will continue through the three-day 2014 symposium and beyond.

In the Forum, attendees meet to propose, consider and discuss thought-provoking questions about health care. The preferred methods of communication include poster board and markers and the human voice.


"Sunday's Forum features current work from teams addressing diverse challenges related to health care, which they've framed into compelling questions to engage the Transform community," says Allison Matthews, a designer with the Center for Innovation. "Attendees will have the opportunity to fuel the conversations of their choice with their own experience and perspective."


At Monday and Tuesday's Forums, attendees will participate in small group discussions facilitated by experts in their topics:

  • Transforming patient experience strategies to improve the patient experience
  • Initiating change in large, complex organizations
  • Reassigning affordability in light of the Affordable Care Act: how to make health care be affordable and how to help people become and remain healthy
  • Maximizing architectures for health to make it easier for people become more engaged in their own health care


"The Forum is not on the Transform web stream," says Matthews. "The whole idea is to get people to engage, collaborate and connect — to have conversations with each other and with subject experts on an intimate, human scale."


Preview Transform 2014 speakers and sessions and register to attend on the new Transform website. If you can't attend this year, plan to join the Transform online community and stream the event live.


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