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Each year, Destination Imagination, Inc., presents its Risorgimento Award to honor an individual, organization or corporation that has significantly impacted the world community in such a way as to make it a better place to live. In 2014, the Risorgimento Award honors Mayo Clinic.

"Mayo Clinic has been dedicated to serving humanity through hope and healing, including making significant, innovative contributions in the fields of medicine and science that have transformed the health care industry, for an astounding 150 years," says Chuck Cadle, Destination Imagination's CEO, in the proclamation.

"As an organization that 'thinks big, starts small and moves fast,' Mayo Clinic recognizes and stresses the need for invaluable 21st century skills, including collaboration, communication, teamwork, and building on one another's ideas, to create technological innovations that will not only continue to advance medical science, but will inspire hope and empower millions of people around the world," says Cadle.


Unlikely Superheroes Challenge

Douglas L. Wood, M.D., and Barbara R. Spurrier attended the Destination Imagination 2014 Global Finals in May to accept the award on behalf of Mayo Clinic.

They also promoted a challenge of their own to the 200,000 kids who participate in Destination Imagination challenges each year: Team up for the Unlikely Superheroes Challenge and identify ideas that can make your community a healthier place. The team with the winning idea will receive a free trip to Mayo Clinic Center for Innovation's Transform Symposium, Sept. 7–9, 2014, in Rochester, Minnesota, where they'll present their award-winning solution.


Mayo and Destination Imagination

The vision of Destination Imagination is to be the global leader in teaching the creative process from imagination to innovation. Its mission is to develop opportunities that inspire the global community of learners to use diverse approaches in applying 21st century skills and creativity.

Donny W. Dreyer, CFI operations manager, and Stephanie R. Ims-Goin, CFI project manager, are working to determine how best to develop a long-term relationship with Destination Imagination.

"We're starting with the Unlikely Superheroes Challenge this summer, to see how it goes," says Dreyer. "We'd like to learn more about how Destination Imagination engages its student body and their communities. It would benefit us to understand how Destination Imagination motivates 38,000 volunteers and more than 200,000 kids worldwide. How can we replicate that effort within health care?"

Dreyer says that the students and volunteers involved are so impassioned, "it's feverish, and inspiring." While some states and other countries build Destination Imagination involvement into their school curriculum, Minnesota applies more of a volunteer approach. "Our relationship could result in a positive outcome for all involved," he says.



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