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What Kind of Appetite Do You Have?

Thinking Wrong Quote



Innovation has never been a single-track approach of guaranteed success. Innovation manifests itself through many roads: observation, prototyping, questioning, research, experience, and list goes on. At the base of any innovator lies the ability to "think wrong." What does that mean? Thinking wrong is reframing your experiences, your interactions with people, devices, products, systems. It's asking questions like, "Can this be better?" or, "Why do we do it this way?"

Thinking wrong is not a cynical position, rather it's a mental exercise of questioning the "status quo." It's looking at the world from a new perspective. It's saying, "What if?" and testing out the theory.


Wet your appetite for thinking wrong, and join us at Transform this year to work with like-minded people, and work through how we as a community can change the future of health care.


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